Overview: Animated short movie in tribute to the TV show "Doctor Who". Title of this fan film: "A mad man in a blux box"
▶ Project's origin: Graduation project (ICAN) 
Software: Unreal Engine, Niagara, Blender, Daz Studio, After Effects, Premiere Pro
Date: December 2023
This project took a year to make. It follows the pipeline of a traditional animated movie.
The project is directly inspired by “Doctor Who”, a cult British science fiction series. On occasion of its 60th anniversary this year, I chose to make a 3D animated short film which returns to sources of the series. More than just a film, it is a love letter from a fan to her favorite series.
The music is also taken from the series, it is “Doomsday”, composed by Murray Gold. So, we decided to transcribe the first incarnation dating from 1963, played by William Hartnell. The project refers to the episode “Twice Upon A Time”, released in 2017, where the first Doctor regenerates for the first time and meets the twelfth Doctor who refuses to regenerate, tired by all the tragedies he experienced.
The atmosphere will be deliberately dramatic and the pace slow to highlight the physical state of the Doctor. who is dying. This is also due to my desire to work particularly with light and camera shots for a better feeling of immersion.
A voice-over has been integrated to explain the events to people who have not seen any episodes, as well as to add an additional dramatic tone to the film.

The Doctor, timeless traveler of time and space, crashesin a forest. Lost on an unknown planet and his TARDIS in ruins, he has no other choice than to leave the cabin. Seriously injured after a battle, he feels his end approaching. Its regeneration
is imminent, he will soon be reborn for the first time.
The whole project's presentatio, with references, storyboard
and everything is avalaible in French here:

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Done by Matéo Belchior
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