Overview: 3D visuals for rapper Ninho's tour "JEFE AIRLINES"
            (credits of the project and pictures are at the bottom of the page)

▶ Client : Visionz x Pitch Production
Software: Unreal Engine, Niagara, After Effects
Date: January 2024
Yes, you read correctly. The concept of the show was to bring a real model airplane broken in two pieces on stage.
A huge transparent LED screen is placed in front of the aircraft. It is separated into three different parts: a large central one and two small ones on the sides. They can all be motorized vertically
The advantage of the transparency of the screen was to be able to see the plane even with visuals in front of it, but also to be able to give the impression that the plane was part of the 3D environments on screen.
The format of the visuals was designed so that when one of the LED screens moves, the camera in the 3D scene also follows. Thus, the visuals were produced in 8704 x 1792 px format, or 8704 x 896 px for visuals when this was not necessary.
We were around 15 motion designers working on the visuals for the show. Each had songs and a specific artistic direction assigned. 
I had the opportunity to work on the following songs:

Some visuals were timecoded to the whole track to perfectly follow the intro, chorus and verses.
For 3D visuals, additional alpha animations (i.e. with transparent background) could be requested. This is particularly the case for the visuals of GRAND BAIN which take splace underwater. I created several animations of sharks and fish so that they could be superimposed on the environment at any time during the song.

All the visuals I made were created entirely on Unreal Engine, then reworked on After Effects for colorimetry.
I used the VDB system to import realistic clouds into Unreal and made cloner to dispatch them randomly. It is then a long work of lighting to achieve a realistic rendering and colors that suit the artistic direction.
The software has proven particularly useful for rendering quickly very large scenes with many elements, especially VDBs which are very heavy.
screenshots OF THE VISUALS I MADE 
Futuristic city above the clouds.
Camera wanders between buildings and clouds like an FPV drone.
Slow climb underwater to reach cloud level.
Transition in the clouds
Underwater environment, animation of caustics and bubbles.
Passing of sharks and fishs.
Shot of clouds in gray and stormy weather.
Passing flocks of white birds.
pictures of the visuals on screen
◄ conclusion
It was a real honor to work on a project of such scope and with such precise and thoughtful artistic direction.
Many thanks to Visionz for allowing me to work on this fabulous and interesting project, and congrats to Célestin SOUM who managed the conception of the visuals and still operates the video during the show with a masterly hand!
I can only hope to have other opportunities to work on projects like this and with my means, and give my all to help immersing the public in a musical and artistic experience.
live :
Production: Decibels Production
Production director: Teckoff - Aymeric Sorriaux
DA / Scenography / Video & light design: Jordan Magnée
Technical direction: R-Cube - Jean-Lo Latour
Régie Générale: Jonathan Perez
Decor Manufacturing: Artefact
Light Operator: Baptiste Huguet
Light Encoder: Arnaud Luthun
Smode Operator : Célestin Soum et Vincent Thenadey
Film director: Roman Fortune
Technical Service Provider: Dushow / Alabama
SFX: Live FX

ARTIST : Ninho

photos : 6U Production / SoGraphic
Artistic Direction: Jordan Magnée

Production: Pitch Production
Production director: Guillaume Durand
Project manager: Célestin Soum
Motion Designers: @raphaelbluzet  @charlescircuitb @shnoon @3dyco @liampannier @celestinsoum, @putschhcstup @berryzs (@visionz.fr : @zyperworld @wtflowart @herm_brb @lucie_mumi) (@swanside : @19visuals @ademeffects) 
Smode Encoding: Studio Saturn
DOP: Jean Charles Baravian
Camera Assistant: Alexandre Bloch
Gaffer: Theo Goudijan
Video Assistant: Andréa Surrel
Filming equipment: Pleine Image Location
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