Overview: Short animation about a white square becoming a black circle
Project's origin: School project (ICAN)
Software: After Effects
Date: October 2022

The theme of opposition
The animation had to be 10 seconds long and to contain two words describing an opposition, such as full/empty, monochrome/polychrome, etc.
I had to stage in an animation the opposition visually without writing the words and to work the transition from one concept to another through animation and dramaturgy. We were only allowed to work with After Effects, and could only use simple, primitive, geometric shapes seeking abstraction.

I made a short storyboard on Illustrator to visualize my ideas and know in which direction I was going. I chose the words "Square" and "Circle" as my opposition, as well as a sub-opposition "Black" and "White". My idea was to turn a square into a circle, its shape changing along the colors.
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