Overview: Animation of a short story & rendering shaders
Project's origin: School project (ICAN)
Software: Unreal Engine
Date: June 2023
The goal of this project was to make a video on Unreal Engine and use shaders (special materials applied on the Post-Process Volume to affect the whole scene). I thought it would be interesting to use a shader in orderto give the impression of living the scene through the solder's eyes.

I imagined a scenario where we follow a dying solder (taken from Mixamo). He enters a base lost in the snow and collapses. The screen turns black. Then he opens his eyes again and we see through his eyes. He slowly crawls on the ground before getting up on the wall to die in peace. 
I didn't want to add music, only sound effects to make it more emmersive: the sound of his breathing, the footsteps in the crunchy snow, his body falling on the ground, etc.

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