Overview: Short animation about a black square on a white background, made in 3 hours
Project's origin: School project in motion design (ICAN)
Software: After Effects (Trapcode Form)
Date: June 2023

Click here to see the video!

The only constraint of the project was to start and end with a black square on a white background on a composition of 300 x 300 pixels. From there, we were completely free.
I decided to use Form with the help of displacement maps to animate the cube and multiply it.
To add dramaturgy to the vidoe, I imagined a scenario inspired by the music video "Carmen" by Stromae. The cube is supposed to represent the people, and the color (especially the appearence of the red color), represents the influence of society.
The challenge was to make it a short time, as we only had 3 hours to create the animation.
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